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Key West Homes Prints
Each Print is a colorful reproduction of an acrylic painting
of a Key West scene. All prints are matted with black or white.

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Medium Print:
4" X 5" Image Size with
8" X 10" Matted Size
Price $15.00

Large Print:
8.5" X 11" Image Size with
11" X 14" Matted Size
Price $20.00

Ex. Large Print:
10" X 14" Image Size with
16" X 20" Matted Size
Price $40.00


Key West print of the Beach House.
Beach House


Beach House

Key West print of The Green House.
The Green House


The Green House

Print of the Key West Guest House.
Key West Guest House

Key West Guest House


Print of the Beach Signs.
Beach Signs

Key West Guest House


Key West Blue Heaven Restaurant.
Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

Key West print of the Pink House.
The Pink House

The Pink House







Print of Truman Street Homes
Truman St. Homes

Truman St. Homes