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              Jewelry Boxes are made of Mahogany and Ebony,
                      each one is individually hand crafted.
                                         Click on images for larger view

Key West Mahogany-Ebony Owl
Mahogany & Ebony Owl
5 1/2 inches tall



Each piece is hand crafted from Mahogany and Ebony, smaller boxes come out of inner box on each piece for small Jewelry.

Key West Mahogany-Ebony Duck
Mahogany & Ebony
4 1/2 inches tall


Key West Mahogany Box-Turtle
Mahogany Turtle
7 1/4 inches long
small box inside turtle


Key West Mahogany-ebony Ying-Yang Jewelry Box
Mahogany & Ebony
7 3/4 inches tall


Mahogany & Rosewood Piano
The Piano
Mahogany & Rosewood
5x5x6 inches